• How do I get the most value from beautyboxsurvey.com?

    There are two major benefits to beautyboxsurvey.com: providing feedback to enter the sweepstakes and signing up for valuable offers. When you give us feedback on a sample you tried, we'll automatically enter you into the sweepstakes. It's a quick survey that takes generally 3-5 minutes, and we'd love to hear your opinion! We'll ask you quick questions about your product preferences, your hobbies, and other interests so that we can learn what types of offers you may want.

  • Does it ever cost me anything to participate?

    There is no cost to participate in the beautyboxsurvey.com survey. You may wish to purchase products from companies that have given you special offers or samples, but these transactions take place independently of beautyboxsurvey.com.

  • How do I know if I was a sweepstakes winner?

    All sweepstakes winners are notified by email. Winners have 7 days to claim their prizes. When you are notified, you are asked to confirm receipt of the email, along with notification of prize acceptance by replying to the original email sent to you. The winner will be displayed once the survey has been completed.

  • How long does it take to receive a prize?

    You are notified by email when you win. This email states your name, the sweepstakes you've won, and requests confirmation. If you believe you may have won but didn't receive an email, please contact our customer care department. Winners have 7 days to reply to the email. Prizes are mailed within 6 weeks of confirmation.

  • What do you do with the information I provide you?

    WE WILL ONLY use this information if you agree (opt in) for said information. If you do not choose to have any marketing partners or advertisers contact you, your name and contact information will solely be used when we select a winner for the contest.

  • If I live outside of the United States, can I still participate?

    Yes. Some manufacturers are interested in learning more about our consumers outside of the United States.